Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What will we be doing in the holiday?

We have been learning about using graphs.  We have done a graph about what is our favourite thing to do in the holidays.  We collected the information using a tally graph, then we made a graph in kidpix.  We found out that going to Kelly Tarlton's was the most popular and going to the beach was the least popular.

Our fantastic maths graph

We are learning about statistics.  We are showing the information on a graph.First we wrote the question on a peice of paper.  Then collected the information and we made the tally graph.  After that everybody stood up and took their peice of paper and and shared what they found.  Then we used kidpix to make a bar graph to show what our favourite wild animal is in Room 16.  All our animals in our question were wild animals.  The animals are a Cheetah, Possum, Elephant and Giraffe.  The most popular animal was cheetah, the least popular was the giraffe.
Take a look at our graph...

Look what we found out about from our bar graph...

We have done a bar graph of what the most popular game in room 16 is.
First we decided what kind of games we should put on on our piece of paper, then we went around the classroom and ask them what kind of games they like, and we did a tally graph.  We went on kid pix and did a bar graph.  PSP games are first, hand games are second, computer games are third, ball games and sport games are fourth.  After lunch on 13 april 2011 we typed this on the laptop to share with the whole world if they have a computer,a laptop or anything else.  N.L's group feels excited about sharing this with the world and Elm Park School.

What is Room 16's favourite pizza flavour?

We have been learning about statistics and collecting and displaying information.  We have collect infomation about what room 16's favourite pizza is.  We used a tally graph t cllect the information.  Our favourite pizza is meat lovers because, 10 people like meat lovers so it is the most popular pizza.  The least favourite pizza is supreme.  Here is our graph 

Our cool maths bar graph

We have learning about bar graphs and pictographs.  We started with a question, What is your favourite car in room 16? Then we collect information using a tally graph.  We used kidpix to make a bar graph to show the information. 

We learnt that Toyota is the most popular of them all, the second was limo and third was GTR.  RX7 was tied with Holden for last.

Our fantastic bar graph

In our class we have been learning about graphs.EP,AM.CD did a bar graph about what is the most popular age in our class.  We collected the information by doing a tally graph then we used kidpix to make a bar graph with the information.

We found out that 7 year olds is the most common age in room 16 and that 8 is the least common age in the class.

See what our most popular sport is...

We have done a bar graph to find out what our most popular sport is in Room 16.  We collected the information using a tally graph.  We made a bar graph in kidpix.

We found out that rugby was the most popular sport and netball was the least popular. 

Friday, April 8, 2011

Room 16's Assembly

Today Room 16 took the Junior Assembly.  
We wanted to share our Pepehas with the children because they mean a lot to us and we are very proud of them!  Look at our movie:

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Colgate Carton Race

We are collecting Colgate cartons.  The more we collect, the more sports gear we get.  So PLEASE remember to bring your empty Colgate cartons to school.  
You will get HOUSE and GROUP points!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

JS brings in a surprise!

Today JS bought a skink and a praying mantis to school.  We were very surprised!  He showed us at news time and we had lots of questions like, "Who caught the skink?", "What do skinks eat?", "What are you going to do with the skink?"

JS told us that his mum's friend caught the skink and he found the praying mantis at his house.  JS told us that skinks eat flies, mosquitos and ants.  He said he is going to keep the skink in his room.  We suggested that JS let the skink go in our lizard garden on the field because it would be safe and it needs to be in it's natural habitat.