Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ways to reduce our water footprint

Room 16 have brainstormed some ways to reduce our water footprint!

Our 'water footprint' comes from the amount of water we use.  It includes things like showering, flushing the toilet, water used to produce the food we eat and make the goods we buy.  The more water we use the larger our water footprint.  We have brainstormed some ways to reduce our water footprints.  Maybe you could make a promise too to help reduce your water footprint.

We promise to:

·    Use less water on my garden
·    Only have one shower a day
·    Tell my Mum not to drink her favourite coffee but drink tea instead.
·    Have a shower instead of a bath
·    Turn the tap off when I am brushing my teeth
·    Drink water instead of softdrinks etc
·    Reuse water bottles
·    Use water bottles instead of the drinking fountain
·    Wash your face with face cloth
·    Use half a flush instead of a whole flush
·    Use a Toilet Flush Control on your toilet
·    Not to put paint, oil, soap, food, dye, litter down storm water drains.
·    Clean up rubbish on the beach.
·    Not to wear too many clothes so they don’t have to be washed
·    Reuse, reduce, recycle
·    Pick up rubbish so it doesn’t go down the storm water drain
·    Not litter
·    Collect rainwater in buckets around my house to water the garden
·    Have a shower for 4 minutes or less

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Belinda said...

Awesome promises Room 16. If only everyone else would make the same promises - imagine how much better our planet would be???