Friday, February 18, 2011

Cooling down in the pool!

The days have been so hot and humid lately and the children are always bursting to hop into the pool, especially after hearing all the splashing and swimming going on outside our windows.  The good thing about being right next to the school pool is that it doesn't take us long to walk there! 

We have three swimming groups in our class - Floaters (learning to float and be confident in the water), Strokers (learning and practising correct arm stroking technique), Breathers/Improvers (practising correct arm stroking technique and incorporating correct breathing technique).  

Here are some photos of the Floaters group.  They are learning to be confident in the water, float on their front and back and put their heads under the water.

Please note - our swimming sessions are on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  If a child is not swimming for any reason they need to bring in a note.  


Belinda said...

Hi Room 16!
I absolutely LOVE your new class blog - it's so bright and I can almost smell summer when I look at it. What a good idea to share your swimming photos with us. I am so jealous that you get to cool down in the pool while I have to stay in my hot office. Maybe one day I'll come down for a paddle with you???
Ms J

Mrs H said...

Hi Room 16!
You are soo lucky to be swimming at the moment! We are feeling the summer heat in our classroom even with the air con on!! We would all rather be out swimming!! Maybe we could join in with you on one of your last swimming days?? That would be FUN!!!

O.M.G said...

Your blog is really cool. You have a lot more stuff that we do. We need to get on to it! P.S. We like the fishies! O.M.G - Room 19

Nicky said...

Hi Lightning Bolts what a cool name by the way. The pool looks so nice you are very lucky to be swimming with all the hot weather we have been having, what a lot of fun, I wish I could join you. Have fun and be safe. RD's Mum.