Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Visiting Author - Linda Strachan

Wow, today we had an author visiting our school.  Her name was Linda Strachan and she travelled all the way from Scotland to visit New Zealand.  The Year 3 and 4's went to hear her speak first thing this morning.  She has written over 50 books and she read us some of the books she has written.  She read a book called "What colour is love?"  We have this book in our school library and she has signed a copy for our school!  She also told us about a character she has created, Hamish McHaggis and she read one of the books he is in.  We asked lots of great questions like, "When did you start writing books?" and "How long does it take to write a book?"  She taught us some Scottish words:  

braw - good
wee - small
coorie doon - snuggle down
coo - cow

They sounded a bit strange and made us laugh.  

She told us there a lot of people involved in making a book.  There is the author, illustrator, publisher, editor, copy editor, printer, publicist, book rep, librarian, book shop owner.

Here are some pictures from the session:


Linda Strachan said...

I loved visiting Elm Park school. Thank you for the warm welcome and all your wonderful questions.
I am back in Scotland now and missing the lovely New Zealand summer weather!

Sally J Collins, the illustrator, and I are about to start work on the next Hamish McHaggis book which will be published next year.

Raewyn said...

Hello Room 16 - this is AM's nana here. Grandpa and I live north of Kaitaia and it is good to see what you're all up to at Elm Park! Love the blog!

Penny Dolan said...

Hello Elm Park School and Room 16!

I'm a children's writer too and have just read one of Linda's accounts of her visit to NZ and to YOU. I loved reading your report too - especially the bit about all those interesting Scots words.

Happy reading everyone!
Penny Dolan